Friday, November 16, 2007

things that go bump in the night

I have been apart from the rest of my family unit for a week now and I've done pretty well in this creaky house until tonight. I get home, take my "carrots" (really it was a hot fudge sundae) upstairs with the new Martha Stewart (so shiny), and settle down in the study to watch some mind numbing tv. The minute I sit down, though, I hear a huge crash and a thud. oh shit. oh shit oh shit. I don't have anything lethal with me except for a spoon and a bad case of onion breath. So I quietly creep downstairs, thinking it was probably the books I stacked up by the piano while cleaning earlier today. No, they are still intact. I stealthily go from room to room, as if there would really be anything wrong, and can't find a damn thing. So, being the conscientious woman that I am, I turn off all the lights downstairs and proceed to watch Flashdash and finish my ice cream(which I dribbled about half of on myself when I heard the noise, mind you.)
I just went back downstairs for bed and started to hang my coat up in the hall closet and found the perp-all the crap we've been placing strategically on the shelf in the closet decided to fall down and create a huge mess! I wonder if Martha has any great organizing tips for me...


ZERD said...

You make your fears as cuddly as Sully and Mike in "Monsters, Inc." :) I shall learn from your example and never be without spoon and onion breath from now on.