Friday, February 22, 2008

and so it was, etc.

the time has come, my little friend, to talk of many things...

1. movie night will be Friday or Saturday, depending on my mood.
Popcorn will be served, but only the 100 calorie packs because I'm neurotic.

2. the children will get a maximum of play time and a minimum of nag time.

3. the husband will get 40% less nag time, but only if he moves the trash can around by Saturday nights.

4. ironing will only be done on Sundays.

5. Erin will read more of her books, moving the bookmark merrily along.

On a side note:
thank you to zerd for her eloquent use of the word "jank", and for introducing it into my vocabulary.
thank you, too, to SnoopDogg's tv show, for teaching me that I can be the "boss lady".

goodnight, all


ZERD said...

You are one funny boss-lady. And I ain't talkin' jank.