Thursday, August 30, 2007

Putting the smack down

Charlotte, my 1 year old, likes to express herself. She smiles, she coos, grimaces, raises her eyebrows, frowns, pouts, screams, cries, and babbles. She also likes to express herself with her hands: waving, shaking her fist, grabbing her hair, pulling on her toes, playing with toys, sucking her thumb, and laying some serious smack down on her parents. What? the food's not to your liking, smack the high chair tray! What? not the right toys? smack the floor. what? too tired to keep your head up? smack your head, alternating hands.
I love that babies/early stage toddlers have such a rich battery of non-verbal skills at their ready. Sometimes I find myself telling my 3 1/2 year old to use her words(instead of whining or blubbering). I watch people, unable to communicate efficiently, politely, or comprehensively, and I think, what if we all just smacked our head every now and then in frustration? What if, instead of tyring to come up with the perfect phrase to impress on someone just how intellectually astute we are, we simply sat down and started untying our shoes and drooling?
I think this world could benefit from the winsome ways of little ones.

ps-I really enjoy finding out from my trusty spell check that there were "no misspellings".