Friday, August 24, 2007

Hello Kitty

My first journal entry was penned in a Hello Kitty diary given to me by my parents at an airport in 1985. I was a wee lass, knowing not much of anything. Except that the fried food I had eaten was causing a certain queasy feeling in my 8 year old gut. My parents and I comprised a small military family gathering, a little camo-tableau; my father about to deploy to a post in Germany with my mother and I along for the ride. Not an auspicious beginning, really. But now, 21 years later I am still looking for a forum in which my feelings can be vented. I found such comfort in the strawberry smelling ink of my HK pen, scratching out my first few words of immature rebellion. Not that I have matured all that much. But at least the technology has. I continue to find comfort in writing, and embrace this new venue at which I can turn my head. This blogging realm.
I still have that shiny, hard plastic journal tucked away amidst boxes and spiders in our basement. I haven't cracked it in quite some time. Maybe my daughters will find a few entries amusing when they get a bit older. Who knows-most things about myself become funny with a little distance. Tune in for more musings later...